Made for the GDevelop Game Jam #1

Help a dragon rebuild her lost hoard of gold. A card-based fantasy experience.

A big thank you to everyone who helped playtest or left comments and critque here, The game wouldn't be half as good without your help!

Rated 2.5 out of 5 stars
(2 total ratings)
GenreCard Game
Made withGDevelop, PixiJS
TagsDragons, Fantasy, gdevelop
Average sessionA few minutes


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My favorite part was the music. I won with 75 coins in the chest (probably could've had more if I didn't spend extra money on food and goblins at the beginning).

Love it Def recommend!!


Fun cards game. Completed it with no sweat!😅

It's really good game once you understand how it works.

Looking forward to an upgrade.


I really enjoyed this game has a good risk reward system. Only needs a bit of balancing.


Okay, finally understood how to play, and I enjoyed it!


Nice Game but fonts seem to bit confusing. MUSIC AND ART IS AWESOEM ;)


Dragons!! Love em' and good job on finishing your game. I'm trying to read the "help" to figure out how to play, but it keeps automatically closing out before I can read anything.

It closes on click/any key pressed. Sadly didn't have time to make a better tutorial.

Ah, that explains it. Thanks for the response!


Solid Card Builder. Enjoyed the art and progression. Keep adding content to this love the mechanics. Post-jam being able to combine like cards like 3 giants makes a level 2. Of course, all the game balance issues by adding a combined feature would need to be addressed. Love it and rated it! 


I love the art and game concept! Here are some issues I ran into:

- Cannot purchase the two cheaper options (goblin, kobold)
- Cannot sell action cards once I have a lot of gold and want to upgrade to all giants

- I think I lost, but I wasn't sure why (out of food?)


This game has a lot of potential! I played it and eventually won. More action cards or events I think would really make this a bit more in depth and well rounded. Overall for a start it's a great game. Good job dev! <3


Chilling as a dragon.


I think this is the seed of a great game, but right now I'm finding myself a little lost in the options.  For instance:

  • I can hire a kobold, but...if I wait, can I hire something better, or is it just an unending series of kobolds?
  • A strength-5 dragon has a 50% chance of successfully attacking the castle and a 71% chance against the village...but what's the actual payoff from these actions?  If the castle gets me 100 gold and the village gets me 10, the castle is totally worth the risk, but if the castle gets me 11 gold and the village gets me 10, it's not.
  • How much food do I even need?  Do I need to feed the kobolds?

I'm generally finding it hard to make decisions in the game, given a lack of information.

İt's a great game but The problem I see in most of the entries is here too. The game does't match the theme if we built our own deck with these golds, this game would be perfect for the jam. 

This entry might just be the winner already.🤧 It's so neat.